KelbyOne contains online educational tutorials in most skills in the photography field.  From Photoshop & Lightroom, through photography genres , lighting, creating a web site and the business side of photography.  KelbyOne brings in many diverse and well known photographers to make these video tutorials.  You can view the catalog of tutorials without having to join, so take a look and decide if US$25 per month is worth it for you.




Phlearn is a great educational resource for learning Photoshop, as well as covering photography skills.  Aaron Nace makes most of the online content, with tutorials, behind the scenes videos, interviews & contests.  Phlearn can be found on YouTube as well.  Along with the free content, you can purchase Pro Tutorials for around US$30-$40 for 2+ hours of video training.

Craft & Vision

The Craft & Vision site contains a number of educational eBooks written by photographers.  These books tend to be more on the inspirational and artistic side rather than the pure technical.  They make you think more about creative expression and are always a good read.  The books as generally around US$5-10.