The Moment It Clicks

The Moment it Clicks

Born from one of Joe McNallys presentations at a workshop, this photography book is a series of “nuggets” from Joe McNallys life as a professional photographer, working for magazines such as Life and National Geographic.

Each nugget is a tip drawn from his experiences over the years. Generally a one line piece of advice followed up an image and a story from his past to explain his reasoning. Sometimes some technical advice on how to create the same sort of image.

The book also includes a chapter on Joes lightng tips, the gear that he uses from Nikon D3 down to gaffer tape. Followed by “The Barroom”, a series of stories from Joes experiences in the photography business

Sketching Light

Sketching Light

Joe McNally passes on his experiences with flash.  Covering small flash to big flash, modifiers and other flash related technology.

He starts off with the basics of a single flash and a model, through different agles to improve the light and then on to modifiers.  After covering the basics he moves off in to experiences from his professional career creating brilliant images and showing the lighting teqniques used to create them.  Hard light, soft light, ambient light, natural light, radio TTL, modifiers, high speed sync.  He includes technical details & sketches, as well as a description of how he got there and what did and didn’t work.

This is a fantastic book if you are interested in Joe McNallys work &/or interested in how the pros make the best use of flash.

Speedliters Handbook

Speedliter’s Handbook

Speedlighter’s Handbook, Leanring to craft light with Canon speedlites by Syl Arena is a great go to book to learn about using Canon Speedlite flash systems. It covers basic technical information about how to use the Canon Speedlite 580EX II & 430EX II models, how to use the EOS camera menu system to make changes to the flash rather than the flash unit itself, manual and ETTL modes, wireless speedliting. And thats just to get started.  The book also covers flash photography topics that are independant of brand such as modifiers and off camera flash.


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