On a recent road trip to Tasmania found me in Strahan on the West coast to unwind from the road and enjoy the sunset.  I thought the weather had other plans for me though as by the time I reached the West coast it was overcast and a light rain was consistently falling.  As I understand it, this is pretty normal weather for the West coast though, so I should and did expect it would be this way.

Sunset at Strahan, Tasmania

The rain cleared up right on sunset, as I drove around the shoreline of the bay, and while the sunset was not a spectacular it still made for some nice colours in the sky.

Full rainbow over StrahanDriving further around the bay a rainbow started to develop, and as I continued my trip it turned in to a full arch.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good stop to take advantage of its colours.  By the time I found a spot to stop to make an image it was starting to fade away.  This was the only image I got before the full arch disappeared.

Strahan originally began as a port for the mines in the area, with product being transported on rail.  A line that you can travel on today as West Coast Wilderness Railway. Strahan was also largely involved in the timber industry.  There are many historical buildings in the small town, and it is an enjoyable walk.

There is a beautiful walk from the Peoples Park Google Map up to Hogarth Falls a short distance from the main part of the town.  This a good stroll up to the the falls along a well maintained path.  It’s about a 40min return trip.  With the rainfall around while I was there the falls were very full, and the amount of moisture in the air kept the lens wet seconds after wiping it clean.

Hogarth Falls