I enjoy getting down to Newcastle Beach early in the mornings.  There is always lots of interesting images the water, the rocks, the pool, the beach, the people….


Coming from Nobbys Beach and driving along Shortland Esplanade takes you around under Fort Scratchley and right past a rock shelf that shows at low tide. You may see a few surfers in the Cowrie Hole before you reach Newcastle Ocean baths.  The image above is of the ocean baths pump house which is is just before the baths themselves, a very popular subject for photographers.Small Journey

Early mornings will always find several people swimming in the Ocean Baths, and more than likely a photographer or two wandering around.

Just past the baths is a wading pool, again another popular spot, and you’ll find loads of opportunity for images here early on.  Get there early as a little later it will be filled with families enjoying the pool.  The pool is surrounded by old steel posts with some chain still existing.  You can wade most of the pool and barely get your knees wet, and you can also, at low tide, walk around the rock shelf.  Always being careful of course and keeping an eye on the surf and your footing.  Early mornings usually finds a few other photographers around the ocean baths and the wading pool, usually looking for sunrise images.  But among all the fellow photographers you can usually find one or two interesting people.  This little boat was hand made, as is one among many in a collection.  You can also use the rock shelf to get images of surfers at the north end of Newcastle Beach.

Engulf 2

So, if you don’t mind getting up nice and early, get down around dawn and take a walk around Newcastle Beach and the ocean baths.