I woke up early the other morning with the sun was still an hour away and I thought it was time for a trip in to Newcastle for a sunrise photo.  It was a fairly cold morning, at least for this part of Australia, so when I reached Newcastle Ocean Baths I was well rugged up, but amazingly the baths were in use.  These guys were only wearing swimmers, no wet suits, and I thought I was crazy to be walking around in the cold.

Newcastle Baths 2015

Newcastle Ocean Baths was opened in 1922, and has been kept in good repair.  It’s a landmark location, and well used and loved by the community.  You wont have to search far to find more images of a sunrise or big waves, or both, over the baths.

There are plenty of locations around the baths to setup and shoot, and there are also good shots along Newcastle Beach as well as back towards Nobbys headland and lighthouse.  Be careful of where you stop to compose, as most of these areas can and do get covered with water from the incoming swells, and I have heard of and seen many photographers get a soaking from the waves.

If you want to explore the area close by are the Bogey Hole, Nobbys Beach, Newcastle Beach, as well as the city itself.  If you are looking for a coffee to keep you going there are cafes right opposite Newcastle Beach, and close by in the city.

Virtual tour of Newcastle Ocean Baths