Just a quick post about my 365 project image for Christmas Cards.   We don’t get many Christmas Cards any more, which may be because we don’t send cards, but I think that it is becoming less and less popular.  I may be wrong, let me know if you get heaps.

I used my coffee table for a table top image, which I covered with a roll of Christmas wrapping paper, hanging it up over a chair back to get the effect of a seamless background.  I used the fluorescent lighting in the room as the only light source, which was from above and right, and had my camera on a tripod as the shutter speed was quite slow.  I used f/2.8 to get a very shallow depth of field to get only the first card in focus.

In post I have done some sharpening and also dropped the exposure down on the two corners that don’t have any cards on them.

And that about it, so here it is (0.5sec @ f/2.8 and ISO 100)

Christmas Cards