Yongnuo YN560-TXI received my Yongnuo YN560-TX flash controller this week.   This device can control groups of Yongnuo YN560-III flashes, triggering as well changing the power zoom and other functions of the flash remotely via radio signal.  You can put each flash in to 1 of 6 groups (A-F), and every flash in each group will be set as defined by the YN560-TX.  This means you can have your flash inside a soft box or clamped up out of reach and you will easily be able to raise or lower the power of that flash.

Set Groups on the YN560-III Flash

The YN560-III flash has always the label GRP between the middle two buttons, but they never seemed to do anything.  Well now, after paring with the YN560-TX that group function will be enabled.  There seems to be a few people who have had issues with getting this to work.  All I can say is, read the manual for the YN560-TX, specifically parts 5 Preparation and then 6 Activate Group Function of YN560-III.

  1. Turn on both the YN560-III and YN560-TX and ensure both are using the same Channel.
  2. On the YN560-TX push the ZOOM/CH and the Hz/FN buttons, and it will display ACT (active)
  3. On the YN560-III the blue light under the PILOT light should come on
  4. On the YN560-III push the OK button.
  5. You should now have  Gr (Group) displayed on the flashes LCD below Ch (Channel)
  6. You should now be able to set each flashes group using the GRP buttons on the flash.


With the YN560-TX connected to your remote flashes you are able to control (for each flash group):

  • Power output, moving from 1/1 to 1/128 power in full stops or 1/3 stops
  • Zoom the flash from 24-105mm
  • Modes.  Set the group to Manual, Multi or off.  In Multi you are able to remotely set the number and frequency of the flashes



I haven’t done a decent range test yet, but with the YN560-III flash units inside my garrage I was able to use the YN560-TX to trigger and adjust them while I was outside in the back yard.  Probably around 30m with brick walls and the like in between.  I’m sure someone out there will do a more comprehensive test on range.

Trigger with RF-603C

You can use an Yongnuo RF-603C to remotely trigger the YN56-TX.  With the YN560-TX on the camera hot shoe.  The cable release (from the RF-603C) connected from the YN560-TX to the camera.  The RF-603C can trigger the camera (and flash) remotely.