While doing some course work I was asked to produce some macro images suitable for artwork, so I began looking through Google image searches, 500px etc for some examples.  It seems that in the macro photography world almost all of us are making images of insects, water droplets, flowers or a combination of these.

I wanted to find something different but the keyword macro will bring up thousands of images of insect, water and flowers. How do I find something else, a bit of macro inspiration that’s outside the apparent normal macro?  Trying macro abstract seems to give a more interesting collection of images.  Although it still pulls out plenty of flower images, most of which could not be classed as abstract.

So while looking around for some good abstract macro ideas in the house I was digging through the herbs and spices cupboard.  Plenty of gold in there, especially if mixed with something else to break a pattern.  I didn’t have any great options to throw in, but for a start some Quinoa seeds and some red beads.  I’ll work from there and see what else I can come up with.

Macro of Quinoa seeds with beads


This is something I’ll have to keep working on, but there should be heaps of other options for macro that fall outside the apparent normal trio of subjects.

  • Textures from surfaces like bark, rust and other materials
  • Colour patterns from plastics or mixing liquids (thick paints)
  • Extreme close up of tools and other equipment
  • Using harsh lighting, contrast, to abstract obvious items
  • Use toys or small model to set a scene or still life collection of small items
  • Nature when its dry and has no flowers or insects

So, off to find some more ideas…

One other quick thing.  To help you focus in macro world, it is a good idea to get a slide.  Something to easily allow you to move the lens and camera closer and further from the subject.  This will help you get sharp focus on the subject.  I haven’t got myself one as yet, but a quick eBay search for macro slide will bring many options up.  I’ll let you know what I get, and if it works well.