Anzac Day guns fire at Fort Scratchley as part of the Anzac Day remembrance of those who have fought for Australia.  The guns are fired at various times through the year, and the public are usually allowed free entry up in to the fort for the demonstration.  This Anzac Day the cannon and guns were fired at 1pm and 3pm, with a good sized crowd of all ages at 1pm including an NBN TV news crew.

Firing the guns on Anzac Day 2014

Fort Scratchley

Fort Scratchley was named for its designer Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Scratchley, and its construction was completed in April 1882.  It sits on a rise overlooking Newcastle harbour, with only Nobbys obstructing a complete view of the entrance.  It is currently a museum displaying its proud history to visitors.  One such event occurred on the 8th of June 1942 when a Japanese mini sub, firing on the steelworks in Newcastle, was repelled by the guns of Fort Scratchley.   The Japanese records have only 3 rounds exploding from 34 fired from the sub.  Many of the rounds did not reach target, landing elsewhere in Newcastle. (Ref. The Shelling of Newcastle, 8/6/2010, Fort Scratchley Historical Society)

Guns & Cannon

Fort Scratchley has the following guns and cannon:

  • 80lb Gun
  • Six inch Guns
  • 2lb Cannon
  • 25lb Field Gun

The 2lb cannon is fired with the crew dressed in uniforms worn from the period that the cannon was actual used.  It’s very interesting to watch them all being fired, and the crews are informative on all details and history of the guns and cannon, as well as the fort itself.

The 80lb guns are usually fired on Australia Day weekend, Anzac Day, the anniversary of the shelling of Newcastle on 8th June,  October long weekend and Mattara as well as other special occasions.

Gun crew fires the Fort Scratchley guns on Anzac Day 2014

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