On Saturday 5th October 2013 I went on my second World Wide Photowalk in Newcastle Australia.  This year was a change from the street walk of last year and went along the beaches of Newcastle.

Merewether Baths

We started the walk at Merewether Ocean Baths at the southern end of Merewether Beach.  The baths were fairly busy being 1pm in the afternoon, with people enjoying the clear ocean water.  Many of us walked around the baths seeing if anyone was amenable to having some images made of them.  We slowly wandered north along Merewether beach heading towards the hill over to Newcastle beach.

Lonely Ride

We walked over the hill to wander down through King Edward Park and down first of all to the Bogey Hole, a pool carved out of a rock shelf by convict labour in the early 1800s. From there we wandered through to Newcastle beach with some of us taking a brief stop off at Estabar for some refreshments before ending up the walk at the Newcastle Ocean Baths for some sunset images.

Newcastle Ocean Baths are a very popular spot for wedding photos and today was to be no different, with at least 4 couples in the 2 hours we were there.  The baths are also a very popular spot on hots days, although it was fairly empty at the tie we arrived.  The wading pool as always had plenty of kids running and playing through it.  We stayed at this location to get some images of the sunset over the city, and got some decent colour in the sky to finish the walk.  Many of us no doubt have pretty much the same images from this point, but as always a few dared to head out on to the rock shelf and tried to to keep themselves and camera gear dry from the spray.

Scott Kelbeys Annual World Wide Photowalk is run in October of every year with the idea to get photographers together to meet and learn and have fun.  There is a competition for the best photo for each walk, and the winner of this goes in to an international competition from all the walks.  The Newcastle Walk for at least the last two that I have been involved was lead by Stewart Hazell and is loosely based from members of the Flickr group Newcastle Sundancers.

Newcastle Sunset #1 Word Wide Photowalk