A beautiful sunrise on Lake Tekapo in the south island of New Zealand.

I walked down to the lake shore near the Church of the Good Shepherd while it was still dark to try and get images of this quaint little chapel with a surrounding glow of the sunrise.  This is such a popular place for photographers, and there was already ten or more others at the church when I arrived.   With sunrise half an hour away I took images of the church with the night sky above it.  The sky is clear of most light, with the town being quite small and the nearest cities being on the other side of the mountains.

As the sun rose I got a good position to photograph the church, but as it became more light the place was swamped with people, and I moved down to the the shoreline, away from the crowd.  The rocky lake shore was covered with cairns made by the many people who visit this lake shore.  Some of the seemed very precarious, that just a small breeze would blow them over, yet here they stood.  This image was made just down below the Church of the Good Shepherd, not far from the town of Lake Tekapo.

Dawn Lake TekapoDawn at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand, with one of the many cairns in the foreground.

As we visited Lake Tekapo in March all of the Lupin plants were just dry sticks that you wandered through rather than the pink and purple flowers that you can see. These though are not native to New Zealand and are considered a weed.  All those dry twigs poking up from the rocky shore made it seem even colder than it was, and this wasn’t winter.  The beautiful pale blue colour of the lake was not apparent so early in the day, and the colours of sunrise reflected off the almost flat waters.

To me, New Zealand has a very inspirational & wondrous landscape for those of us who want to capture the beauty of nature/gods creation.