Greek Island Boats

The Greek Islands hold many opportunities for photographers, and its a must to explore the small streets and alleys, along the wharves and in to the center of the islands. There are photographic treasures everywhere you go.

These two boats were tied up at an old wharf on the island of  Therasia, which is opposite Santorini, and is another pat of the ancient volcano rim.  The village is much the same as those on Santorini with most of it sitting high up above the docks, on an almost cliff face, with a switch back road winding its way up from the shoreline.

First we visited the volcanic island of Nea Kameni in the middle of the archipelago and explored on foot.  This uninhabited island has many sulphur vents, so some remarkable smells. We then headed for Therasia and stopped for lunch.  The small shops and docks lined the waterfront as we explored while trying to find the best place to eat, a mix of the very old, and the not so old.  Old building repainted and looking fresh, and some old docks that looked like they may have been 100s of years old.

We ended the journey when we headed back to the island of Santorini, to Oia to watch the sun set over the bright whites and blues of the buildings.