We left Queenstown for Dunedin around 10am, and stopped off to take some images of the ThunderJet boat as it came through under the bridge. Luckily we didn’t have to wait to long and two KJet and the ThunderJet came through. Then we started our journey to Dunedin in earnest.

As we traveled down through Alexandra we couldn’t decide where to stop for our lunch break. In the end we stopped at the Beaumont Hotel. This is quite literally a pub on the side of the road with no buildingsĀ around to make town of Beaumont. The place was a good New Zealand pub. The food served was very tasty, and cooked well. We had beef burgers and some chips, and they were far from the greasy food you might expect from a roadside stop. The burgers were fresh salad, fresh buns, tasty meat and sauce. The chips were well cooked as well. If you are doing this drive, stop here. It was marked on the map we had as Beaumont, and signposted on the road.

We reached Dunedin just after 2pm and booked in to our hotel. We then set off to do a Speights Brewery tour. The brewery is right in the town center, and has been since it was first started in 1876. They are going through some rebuilding at the moment to add some more protection against earthquakes, as well as rebuild some of the structures.

Speights 1
Speights 2

We had a tour that included a short history on beer, then covered its start in New Zealand with Captain Cook. Following this we had some history of Speights itself and the brewery, then set off through the brewery itself. Finally of course we had a tasting at the end. We had 6 different beers and a cider on tap, and had a great time sampling. They supplied us glases, pointed to the taps and let us sample to our hearts content.

The brewery uses natural spring water from the site itself for its water supply for the beer, and they have a tap outside the building tht anyone is allowed to fill water bottle at, asing for a donation that goes (along with Speights own donation) toward supporting the community.

Water from Speights

After the tour we got some fish and chips and returned to our hotel room to booked some tours for the next day and unwind.