Our first day in Queenstown, and we did what I think most people do when they first get in. We took the Gondola up to the peek overlooking the town. It is a great view from up there, but I didn’t take my camera on this trip as we were going to go Zip Treking and we couldn’t have anything bulky when we did that. Some of the images below were taken on a later trip I took up the mountain.

I’ve circled our hotel in red in the following picture so you can see we were not far out of town. It was a short walk in to town, and not worth driving without good reason.

While we were up the top we did a luge run. These are small wheeled toboggans that roll down some concrete tracks they have made at the top. Pretty good fun, but I had to wait for Kylie to turn up at the end of the track.

Afterward the luge we headed down to the Ziptrek tree house. These guys have set up zip lines or flying fox lines down through the tree line. We took the four line trip that takes you part way down the mountain. A six line tour takes you all the way to the bottom. The staff were great and talk you through the way it works and its very safe. They have a system that slows you and catches the pulley at the end so you wont get stuck, or fly in to a tree at the end of the runs. They also provide there own power from solar panels and give you some eco tips at each of the tree houses on the trip down.

Kylie and I really enjoyed this, and we will try the six line trip next time we come to Queenstown. We have some photos of us on the lines, but I cannot access them until I get home. I will post some then.

Now that was just the morning. After we reached the bottom of the Gondola again we decided to take a trip out to Arrowtown. Arrowtown is an old gold mining town, that has been largely untouched by modern building in the town itself. It is full of boutique shops of all varieties.

While driving back from Arrowtown, we took a side road up to the ski fieldsĀ (when snowing) area of Coronet Peak so we could see the view from there of the valley. We also wanted to take a picture to send to Hanna for her birthday (I hope the postcard has been delivered) , and take some photos of the valley. That’s the Remarkables in the background.

On our way back to Queenstown we stopped to relax at the Onsen Hot Pools. We had a wonderful hour of relaxing in a beautiful wooden spa with an open view of the Shotover river. We took the indulgence option and had some bubbly as fruit to nibble on while we relaxed. The whole setup is great, and you can certainly relax and unwind. The wall and roof slides up out of the way so you are ‘outside’, you can add cool water if its getting to hot. If you are in Queenstown and need to relax after all the excitement, this is the place.

To finish our day off we sat on our deck and had beer and cheese and enjoyed the view.