We arrived in Nelson around midday, which was just in time to start our cycle trip around Nelsons wineries. We did the trip on bikes hired from Rose at the Gentle Cycling Company, and she has a brilliant setup. The bikes as well as her friendliness and knowledge were both great.

We rode around to Nelsons wineries in the Richmond area. This whole area is pretty flat so our real concern was how much we could ‘taste’ and still be able to ride a bike.

We stopped at:

  • Waimea Winery where we were a bit sweaty from our ride out here, but enjoyed the wine and purchased a couple of bottle to drink along our trip.
  • Abbey Bar & Grill was just 100m up the road. This was an old wooden church that was moved out from Nelson and converted in to a bar/restaurant. A large outdoor area was setup with gravel floor and vines growing through it as a bar, with many different beers on tap. We could have stayed here for hours given the opportunity. If we are in Nelson again we will certainly be making a trip back to this place.
Abby Bar & Grill
  • Orinoco Winery and cheese shop was also a great place to stop. We bought some chilled wine to have with dinner as well as some wonderful cheese. Annette was great and told us about some other places to see in Nelson, including the World of Wearable Art and Classic Cars.
  • Berry Garden was the last stop. We bought a bag of very tasty apples for $2, as well as a freshly made berry ice cream.

After this we had the trip back in to Stoke again to return the bikes and we settled in to our motel (Boutique Motel) to enjoy our wine and cheese.

The next morning we went in to Nelson for some coffee and stopped to visit the cathedral as well. After this we went to the World of Wearable Art (WOW) and Classic Cars museum. This is a strange mix I know, but they hosted in the same buildings.

WOW is a collection of artistic fashion, and some of it is very left field, but great to see what people have created. It is also a yearly show started at Nelson but growing to a fantastic show in Wellington that gets contributors from all over the world.

The cars on display in these sheds were amazing. Ranging from some of the frist cars made, through the model T Ford and on through to modern cars. Its well worth a look through even if you only have a slight interest in cars.

Classic Cars

Afterward we went around the foreshore to a little place called Boat Shed. The food here was great, along with the service and the location. Being fairly good at enjoying food and drink, we spent the afternoon in an old english styled pub called the Honest Lawyer. A few beers and some nice food to finish the day with a walk home to our motel.

Tomorrow will be our long trip back down to Christchurch this time through the middle of the South Island.