This was one of our long car trips at 5+ hours from Nelson to Christchurch, but we had the day set aside for this. The stop in Christchurch to just be a rest night before heading down to Lake Tekapo the next day.

We had already decided to break the trip in to a few stops to relax and stretch out, with one of those stops a planned one at Maruia Springs. This is a natural thermal spring nestled in amongst the steep mountains in this region. Well, most of New Zealands South Island is steep mountains. We got about half an hour in a private spa, which was nice and relaxing, although a little sulphur smelling.

We continued on our way after this relaxing stop, but took a few more short stops for me to take some images of the passing landscape.

We left at around 10am and arrived at our hotel in Christchurch at about 5pm, a long trip but we took our time and made it an interesting one.

Tomorrow we will be on the road again to Lake Tekapo.