This was my first time on the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk. I have been on a few meet ups with the Flickr Newcastle Sundance group before to take images, but this was the first time I have joined in this event.

It started out at the Albion Hotel in Wickham where we all posed for the group shot before beginning the walk through Wickham heading toward Hunter Street, the main streets of Newcastle.Bar room reflection on the walk

Since this walk was through the main city streets it was essentially street photography, something I had never tried before, and struggled with. I usually focus on images of landscapes and more obvious subjects and it was difficult to find an image amongst the streets, buildings and people of Newcastle. Many of the group had no trouble getting started, and photographers swarmed through the streets with other people on the streets wondering what was going on.

At Wickham station and old exercise walker was some entertainment for a little while, leading to a few poses on the bike set in the middle of a pedestrian crossing. Leaving the station we came across a young woman heading out for the evening who graciously posed for us for a few minutes.

We wandered further down Hunter Street stopping whenever we saw the potential for an interesting image. It was a challenge to see and compose an image, but it was fun to try it and see what I came back with. With the other photographers along on the walk, there was always someone who saw an image in just about everything, or someone to help out.

We also relaxed in a few pubs along the way, some with some very interesting character. This gave us a chance to sit and talk and socialise, rather than spending the whole afternoon with our faces covered by cameras. Some of the old establishments are a great source of images, with a few staff & patrons being happy to be models as well.

We finished up passing through Queens Wharf Brewery, filled with a few costumed parties, and finishing at Customs House where we slowly parted ways.

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